Connect the Brilliance, Muskoka

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Sue Burke


Working with Team Burke ensures the best combination of Britt's zealousness and willingness to devote extensive time to you and your real estate needs and Sue's award-winning service. Sue and Britt prioritize time with their clients to ensure their needs are met. As a very communicative team, both buyers and

sellers have access to Sue's extensive knowledge from her 30 years in real estate and Britt's eye for new listings. Team Burke has created a unique and amazing combination of youthful energy and seasoned experience. As second and third generation real estate agents, Sue and Britt understand how important buying and selling is and treat their clients as they would their own friends and family. In addition to being approachable and understanding, Britt and Sue are both honest and helpful REALTORS®  with integrity. Team Burke will do all they can to make your buying or selling experience fun and relaxing.

Connie Smith, CPB


Connie is a master at financial record keeping and has 34 years of experience in bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and extensive experience with purchasing and inventory control. Connie loves to solve problems and sort out messy books. Her passion for solving hard problems has lead to creating processes that solve hard Shopify and Amazon Accounting challenges. Having run her own business for the past 20 years, Connie offers an intimate knowledge of the joys and challenges faced by small business owners in the pursuit of success and work life balance. Clients not only benefit from her bookkeeping knowledge, but can leverage her expertise and insights as a small business owner/entrepreneur.

Michelle Fraser


Michelle Fraser is an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist, advocate and educator who works with persons of all genders experiencing pelvic floor imbalance or difficulty. She partners with her clients, 

                                                                                          encouraging them to understand the complexities of their pelvic health and exploring effective ways to 

                                                                                          achieve optimal health, vitality and wellbeing.

                                                                                          Many of us have experienced some trauma in our lives, stored in the tissues and memory of our bodies. 

                                                                                          Michelle’s personal and professional experiences supporting the health and wellbeing of a wide variety of 

                                                                                          clients, have honed her skilful presence and capacity to hold a safe and open space for everyone.

                                                                                          Michelle’s mission is to empower people in Canada and internationally to take charge of their pelvic 

                                                                                          health and enjoy the potential life changing impacts. She has earned her Masters of Education at OISE 

                                                                                          specializing in global health education, and has been involved with teaching physiotherapists in Canada 

                                                                                          and in Nicaragua. She is an Associate Instructor with Pelvic Health Solutions, and is an inspiring and 

                                                                                          highly engaging speaker who will forever change how you view pelvic health, for yourself, anyone you 

                                                                                          coach, teach or know!


Katherine Craine


Your hospital in Huntsville is supported financially by the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. It’s your Foundation; it is staffed by four professionals and governed by a deeply committed Board of Directors who represent both full time and seasonal residents. Every member of our Board is an active donor to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. Our Vision is Healthcare for life, here. We inspire giving to make that Vision real. While many hospital foundations focus on long-term campaigns, our challenge here is more straight-forward (yet no less profound):   To ensure our hospital and medical professionals have the   

                                                                                          technology and equipment they require to provide exceptional care, we must inspire our community to   

                                                                                          donate $3,000,000 per year.   $3 million every year – we achieve it by asking individuals for donations, 

                                                                                          engaging our local business community, educating community groups and resident organizations, and by 

                                                                                          staging fundraising events. We achieve our goals when our community steps up. And we’re pleased to 

                                                                                          report that the good people of Huntsville and the surrounding area are stepping up. Thank you. For the 

                                                                                          past several years and more important, for stepping up again and again in the future. The need for 

                                                                                          advances in healthcare, diagnosis and treatment never ends. Our commitment to inspiring your next gift 

                                                                                          is just as resolute. 


Patti Kay Hanrath


Patti Kay Hanrath is an Internationally Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. 

Patti brings over 20 years leadership management experience from the corporate financial world where she gained practical and extensive knowledge about winning with people, team building, sales and marketing. Patti, with her husband, have raised five children and developed a successful custom build construction company. 

                                                                                         Whether leading teams or raising children, Patti’s passion has always been to motivate people to achieve

                                                                                         beyond their current circumstances in order to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.



Jo-Anne Jobson


“The foundation of every great event is the site - from there everything is possible.”

Sites Unlimited is a site selection company specializing in Canadian destinations, adventures, and meeting planning connections.

We work for you, our clients, to provide the best location for your meeting requirements. Whether you are looking for training facilities, airport or downtown hotels, conference or convention properties, countryside resorts or exclusive inns we will provide you with adventure-filled destination options.  We are constantly 
                                                                                          expanding our connections in the meeting planning industry and will provide you with introductions to the 
                                                                                          suppliers you need to create an extraordinary experience.


Christine Kropp


Owner and Baker Extraordinaire for the Whimsical Bakery, loves all things sweet and rises to the challenge in creating truly unique cakes for her clients. Christine has always loved to bake; the aroma of fresh butter, sweetness of vanilla and decadence of chocolate have found a home in her heart. “Baking is one of those things where I can let go – put all of my passion and skills that I have learned into a custom design.”

We love creating unique treats for any occasion: a family gathering, milestone birthday, graduation, baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding. We specialize in celebration cakes, gourmet cupcakes, custom

                                                                                          designed cookies, pies, tarts and all things sweet.

                                                                                          Visit our Bakery Cafe, 26 Main ST E, Huntsville